Site Monitoring


Seeing measurement in Gargash (2011)

Seeing comparison between 2010 and 2011 for Gargash site. Data obtained for 3 months summer 2010 and 2011

Similar measurements were carried out in Gargash only during summer 2011. Results are shown with a comparison to same in 2010.

Robotic Seeing monitor

Views of the planned Astelco DIMM monitor and the tower. Installations will be carried out in 2012

For a long term monitoring of the seeing throughout the year we have now acquired a robotic DIMM system which installed on a 6m tower, spring 2012.

Clear sky

In general the site is located in a relatively dry region on the earth. The number of nights with clear sky is estimated to be about 230 nights. Night time eye-ball monitoring indicates that during summer and fall there is a 60% chance of photometric nights.

Wind Speed and Direction

Wind speed and direction have been studied for Gargash (and Dinava) since January 2009. Gargash site despite being 600m higher in altitude has relatively calmer wind. This is based on a continues measurement at a height of 9m above the peak surface.

Microthermal Variations

SDC10793In order to quantify the ground layer atmospheric turbulence INO has made thermal variation measurements with a high frequency (1 kHz) and with high thermal resolution (0.01 C). For this 6 masts have been installed in Gargash. The sensors made of pure Platinum wires are positioned in pairs at 8 levels from 3m to 15m height, separated 2m horizontally.