Workshops, Conferences and Seminars

Iranian National Observatory has designed a plan to hold 20 astronomy workshops in most of the
universities of Iran. The main aim is to make optimal use of the 3.4-meter telescope of the INO, and
other available and future observation equipment by researchers and students and increase the capacity
and development of specialized manpower. Generally, these workshops will be held in four stages,
which are:
1. Observational astronomy and cosmology
2. Observational techniques and tools
3. Data analysis and processing
4. Writing observational proposals

INO Workshops; First stages

Name of workshop Place Time
1. Formation, Evolution, and Structure of Galaxies Kharazmi University 22 – 23 Mehr 1400
2. Star formation and Evolution, Interstellar Medium Institute for Advanced Studies in
Basic Sciences
25 – 26 Azar 1400
3. Exoplanets and their
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad 23 – 24 Day 1400
4. Formation, evolution, and
astreroseismology of stars with a view to the exoplanets
Zanjan University 29-30 Ordibehesht 1401
5. Transient events and multi-messenger astrophysics Isfahan University of

National Conference

Iranian National Observatory: 3.4m telescope instrumentation and science cases

The Iranian National Observatory (INO) project is now approaching the final stage of integration and commissioning. Critical to the success of the INO project is the ability to bring the Iranian astronomy community quickly up to speed with the instruments and scientific capabilities of the INO. This national conference will provide an opportunity to update Iranian astronomers on the current status of the INO project and its scientific drivers, as well as encourage the community to get involved in future INO plans in order to maximize its scientific productivity.