Scientific Rational:

The goal of this workshop is to provide participants with a fundamental understanding of the formation and evolution of galaxies in a modern view.  We discuss the most recent and upcoming discoveries in galaxies studies, and introduce large astronomical surveys and observational approaches in order to study the distant universe directly. Participants will develop knowledge of the astrophysics processes which explain the observed properties of galaxies and their structures. Postdocs, PhD and MSc students are encouraged to participate in this workshop.  The themes to be covered in the workshop are:

  1. Structure and dynamics of galaxies
  • Galaxies formation stages

  • Galaxies morphological classification

  • Galaxies internal dynamics

  • Galaxies dark matter distribution

  • Galaxies evolutionary models and simulations

  1. Star formation and quenching of galaxies
  • Star formation regions

  • Quenching mechanisms

  • Galaxy mergers

  1. Galaxies in various wavelengths
  • Multiwavelength observations

  • The emission line spectrum of galaxies

  1. Galaxies at the extremes
  • High-redshift galaxies

  • Fossil galaxies

  • Active galactic nuclei (AGN)