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In line with the envisioned role of the INO observatory to become an international scientific platform for astronomy, it will host a number of observing facilities. The principal telescope, the INO340, 3.4-m diameter Ritchey‐Chrétien optical telescope offering a field of view of 20 arcmin at the main Cassegrain focus with an image resolution of better than 0.5 arcsec (FWHM) across the field. Three side ports are available, each offering an 8-arcmin field of view, thus the telescope backend can be simultaneously equipped with up to four instruments. The working wavelength range of the telescope is 325-2,500 nm, though the initial focus will be on the optical range. The observatory is also host to a multi-lens array called the INOLA which will be used to study ultra-low surface brightness systems at visible wavelengths. In addition, there is a site monitoring station which is comprised of three elements; a seeing monitor (Auto DIMM), an all sky camera and a weather station.