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The Iranian National Observatory is currently under construction. Along with the development of the design and construction of various components of the INO340 telescope, the construction of the enclosure building and the coating and services building is progressing at high speed. To see the current status of different parts of the project, refer to the INO Project Timeline.

This page contains the necessary information for astronomers to effectively use the facilities of the INO Observatory for planning and conducting scientific observations. The INO project is planned to host two telescopes at the first stage. First, is the main telescope of the INO observatory, known as the INO340, which at the moment is being developed. The second observational facility which became operational in 2018 is the INO Lens Array. You can view the details of both of these facilities in the following.

In order to view the weather and seeing conditions of the observing site on Mount Gargash visit the INO Site Monitor from the quick access menu. In addition, scientific articles related to the INO project are listed at the bottom of this page.

Here you can find detailed information about various sections of the INO340 telescope.


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Applications are now open for the INO Lens Array facility. Contact for more information.

Primary Mirror of INO340