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The telescope structure is designed as an altitude over azimuth (alt-az) mount. This allows the telescope to be very compact and provides direct load paths from the telescope down through the structure to the pier and foundations. The drive motors used to move the telescope in azimuth and elevation will be servo motors with position feedback which will be provided by linear tape encoders.

The telescope mechanics is divided to three main sections:

  • Telescope M1-Cell assembly
  • Telescope top unit
  • Telescope mount

The telescope mounts on a concrete pier with 6.5m diameter and 10m height (3m below the site level). The diameter of telescope base is 5.5m. It rests on 36 leveling wedges. Power transmission system of the telescope for each axis, consists two AC torque motors and spur gears. They work counter to each other to omit the effect of gears backlash. The gears ratio for Altitude axis is 25, for Azimuth axis is 29 and for Rotator is 15. The azimuth axis is supported using hydrostatic bearings in axial direction and an angular contact ball bearing in radial direction. The altitude axis is supported by two pairs of angular contact ball bearings which are arranged face to face on each side.

The INO team has provided a complete mechanical design for the telescope structure and will supervise the construction on the bases of the design. The design of the mechanical structures of the telescope is fully complete. In addition INO has successfully prototyped the hydrostatic bearing post CDR to assess the local manufacture.

  • Hydrostatic Bearings
  • Fork
  • Trunnions
  • Center section
  • Mirror Covers
  • Counter weights
  • Connection Arms
  • Struts
  • Top Ring
  • Spider Connection
  • Altitude axis transmission system
  • Azimuth Axis transmission system