Iranian National Observatory national conference

Iranian National Observatory: 3.4m telescope instrumentation and science cases

The Iranian National Observatory (INO) project is now approaching the final stage of integration and commissioning. Critical to the success of the INO project is the ability to bring the Iranian astronomy community quickly up to speed with the instruments and scientific capabilities of the INO. This national conference will provide an opportunity to update Iranian astronomers on the current status of the INO project and its scientific drivers, as well as encourage the community to get involved in future INO plans in order to maximize its scientific productivity. The themes to be covered in the conference are:

1. Iranian National Observatory: Site Selection, Status, Commissioning, Observing Facilities & Instrumentation

2. Science Cases

  • Our Solar System
  • ISM & Formation of Stars and Planets
  • Exoplanets                             
  • Milky Way and nearby galaxies, stellar populations
  • Formation and Evolution of Galaxies
  • Galaxy Groups and Clusters
  • Time Domain Science                     
  • Low Surface Brightness Universe
  • Cosmology and Fundamental Physics
  • Large Surveys